Protect the environment

To protect the environment in which we all live is not a moral, ethical or cultural issue. Is a survival issue. Modern humans have forgotten the basic principle of survival, respect the environment in which you live. It is obvious if you think about it. None of the other animal species knowingly destroy the environment in which they live. Even ancient cultures like the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Maya, Inca, were greatly respecting their environment.

The incas, that lived in the Andies region of South America from 900 to 1600 were totally influenced in their culture by the natural phenomena, they respect and adore the sun, the earth, the fire, the water, they understood their life was depending by the components of their environment, they never did something to destroy or damage it. They respected also greatly animals species, and corresponded to them as well as to the place where they were living.

The Incas have been considered wild people, primitive and inferior culture, but now I ask you: who is the inferior, who , even living in a different way with very poor technology and knowledge, understand that cannot survive destroying the place where he lives and so respect and protect it in any way, or who, even using very modern technology and a lot of knowledge, live his life damaging and definitively destroying his own environment, and worst, knowing and understanding that he is doing it?

What anybody has to understand right now, not tomorrow or after tomorrow, but today, is that our environment is a small water-land made ball drifting in the sidereal space. The sidereal space is absolutely not an environment in which life can grow, so we just have this small ball on which grow and live, if we destroy it, as we are certainly doing, were will we go to live on? We are not prepared to go to live on Mars or Venus, and their characteristics are not appropriate for our form of life! So we got left just this small water-land made ball called planet Earth.

You can say: I am not damaging the planet doing my life. This is very wrong. Our  way of life is damaging and destroying our environment. Almost anything we do living our life in the modern society is a damage for the planet, clearly a small damage, but if you sum all the small damages they are able to destroy the planet and terminate with the life on it. This is not an exaggeration, the climate crisis lead to economic crisis, economic crisis lead to political crisis, political crisis lead to wars, wars with nuclear weapons lead to extinctions of animal life on the earth. It´s so simple. And do not think for a moment this is something far to happens, things go quick, you see how fast the environment situation is deteriorating as a result of the climate crisis? much faster than expected! So it is sure that we do not have a lot of time left!

Now I am sure you are thinking: ok, but what can I do, I am just one person, I can do nothing about it. Very very wrong. Damages to the environment are made by the sum of any person action in the world, so to stop it anybody has to change his actions and his consideration about the environment. Only changing all the individual acitons we can obtain results. So your way of acting respect the environment is indispensable to solve the problem. Is a mutual problem and has to be solved mutually!

 For more specific info on what you can do to give your small-big contribute go to the page fight the climate crisis

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