How to be a member company

In order to become an qualified member, you have to apply : fill the form with your information, declare the ecological policies you adopt in your business choosing them in our predetermined list, accept our term of contract, done, it is free of charge.

Our ecological policies predetermined list includes solar and fotovoltaic panels, depurators, low consumption lamps and fuel, recycled materials, waste recycle,and many others, any eco certification and eco activity, any gives you points, if you get 6 or more points you are approved as a qualified member. Reached points are clearly shown in the registration process, so you know if you qualify or not just selecting your ecological policies from the list!

Then you have the option to upload any proof photo or document you are really adopting the indicated policies ( photos of solar panels, depurator, low consumptions lamps etc…, ecological certifications, ecological products or services invoices, bills, eco contracts, etc…) so anybody can check them.

Once approved you will receive by email our prestigious member logo  to put on your web page and the on line and printable member certificate to put in your business house,and the member stickers, to show and certify to anybody you really preserve the environment and how you do it : simply clicking on the check link inside the logo anybody can see your ecological policies, points earns, and proof documents on your member page, and know more about your business.

All the info about your company and his ecological policies are also in the on line and printable member certificate.

You will also be added as a qualified member in our member's directory, being searchable by name, location or category by anyone is looking for ecological companies in your area.


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