Advantages of being a member company

Let know and certify to anybody entering your web page or your business house you care about the environment.

As an qualified member:

1) you will get the prestigious qualified member logo with your own number of registration, in 2 different size.
Applying it into your web page in favorable position anybody entering your web page will know you are member of an around the planet community of qualified companies who adopt in their business ecological policies to respect and preserve the environment, that you really care about it, and are not making any damage to the planet doing your business.Your clients will really appreciate this!

Simply clicking on the check link inside the logo anybody can be sure of it, checking the ecological policies you adopt and the proof documents (with sensible data covered if you choose to do so) you really adopt them.

Anybody nowadays care about the environment and prefer to do business with companies adopting ecological policies, so you will be preferred to other companies that don’t show and certify like you they care about the environment.

2) you will get the prestigious qualified member on line and printable certificate, with all the info about your ecological policies.
It will be visible in your webpage, you can put it in your website, and print it and put in your business house so to show and certify you are member of, and you are adopting ecological policies to respect and preserve the environment.

3) you will immediately get by email the member stickers, to print on adhesive paper.

4) you will be searchable by name, location or category in our qualified members directory by anybody looking for ecological business like yours in your area, improving exponentially your clients basis.


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