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Gallatin Steel

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Member since: 22-09-2009

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  • · 4831 US Hwy. 42 West Ghent, KY 41045-9704 United States


Gallatin Steel represents a new era in steel manufacturing. Gallatin Steel produces steel of the highest quality, while emphasizing employee safety and care for the environment. test

Gallatin Steel is a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Gerdau Ameristeel.

Maintaining a safe working environment is our first priority at Gallatin Steel. That’s why we’re so proud of our safety achievements.

Gallatin Steel and its employees are also concerned about the world around us. We interact carefully with our environment everyday, most notably as a major recycler of millions of tons of scrap metal each year. Just by doing our job, we remove 4,000 tons of scrap metal each day from our landscapes and junkyards.

Quality is the third piece that makes the Gallatin Steel puzzle complete. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the finest steel available in the market today. We have achieved ISO/TS 16949 Certification – the highest international quality benchmark for manufacturers. This certification demonstrates our commitment to supplying a quality product.

A Safe Workplace
We believe in protecting the occupational health and enhancing the well being of each of our associates. We believe a safe workplace is consistent with efficient operations that produce a high quality product. Therefore:
We will instill in our associates a zero tolerance for risk, meaning all associates watch out for themselves and for each other. We will provide the necessary training so every job is done the right way, the safe way, every time.
Customer Focus
We believe that the quality of our product and the service we provide play a significant role in our customers’ success, which in turn is the key to our success. Therefore:
We will be our customers’ preferred supplier by providing unmatched quality, service, value and ease of conducting business. We will actively seek out and exceed our customers’ needs and constantly strive to redefine their expectations.
People Focus
We believe that our associates are capable, loyal and committed to the success of the business. We believe that the full involvement of our associates is essential to our success. Therefore:
We will create an environment that will promote personal growth and secure employment. We will conduct business in an honest and ethical manner, always respecting the opinions and ideals of others. We will treat all people with whom we interact with dignity and fairness.
Continual Improvement
We believe that there is always a better method to perform our work. Therefore:
We will provide an environment that fosters continuous improvement and the continual development and use of our associates’ skills. We will encourage our associates to be innovative and creative in recommending solutions to problems and continual improvements in our business processes.
Community Awareness
We believe that the company must be a responsible corporate citizen within the local community. Therefore:
We will contribute in a positive manner to the economic, ecological and social environment of our community.
Environmental Policy

Gallatin Steel Company recognizes environmental protection as one of our key values and an important component of sound business performance. We are committed to protecting our natural resources and preventing pollution by establishing objectives that reduce our impact on the air, water, and land. These values originate with the top management and are emphasized through all levels of responsibility within the organization. Gallatin Steel Company will conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting a good corporate neighbor and citizen.
Guiding Principles
Comply with all environmental laws, regulations, permits, and standards of practice applicable to our operations and plan ahead for future requirements.

Promote and improve environmental awareness within Gallatin Steel Company through effective communication, training, consultation and interaction with all stakeholders, including associates, contractors, suppliers and customers.

Incorporate environmental initiatives and targets in business plans with particular focus on waste minimization, recycling, reuse programs, and pollution prevention.

Manage the storage, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials to protect human health and the environment.

Participate in the development and implementation of appropriate environmental legislation.

Reduce environmental risks through operating practices and emergency preparedness programs.

Contribute to activities that improve the aesthetic quality of the community and the local environment.

Monitor, evaluate and continuously improve the effectiveness of our environmental practices through periodic audits, reviews, and the successful implementation of new environmental initiatives.

Ensure Gallatin Steel Company’s Environmental Policy is communicated to all associates, contractors, suppliers and customers and is readily available to stakeholders and the public.

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4831 US Hwy. 42 West Ghent, KY 41045-9704 United States


West Ghent


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  • Recycled building materials
  • Low energy consumption lamps(at least 60%)
  • Recycled gestional materials. Specify
  • No paper use
  • Share policies with costumers
  • Low energy consumption hot water
  • Low energy consumption conditioning(cold/warm)

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