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Proudly selling quality, safe, ECO Water Bottles, Reusable, BPA free Stainless Steel bottles for the environment and the person searching for the right water bottle.

Glass Drink Bottles Bpa Free

In a world where recently concerns have come to light over the chemicals leached by plastic bottles into our drinking water, we offer safe quality water bottles, toddler sippy bottles and insulated drink bottles made from non-leaching, BPA-free materials including glass and stainless steel.

Eco Friendly Bottles

The bottle ranges we sell are all eco-friendly as they are durable, reusable and recyclable. Durable means long-lasting. Stainless steel can last for 100 years. Reusable many times over because they are durable. And finally when they are no longer needed, they can be recycled.

Stainless Steel Bottles

Our current drink bottle ranges are made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel. This makes them safe, reusable and economical. Imagine your savings over 12 months of not buying bottled water (or coffee every morning). And we’ve got some brilliant glass drink bottles coming soon.

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Po Box 316026 Wairau Valley Postcentre Auckland 0760




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