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DIY Guides (solar panels, run your car on water, hydrogen generator, wind generators, how to live off the grid, make your solar water heater)

Why choose green? Better health; greater comfort; lower utility bills; less maintenance; lasting value!

Agua-Luna is an Off-Grid, 100% Alternative Energy / Fuel Run Ranch. We share / teach methods & projects that are designed / compiled & currently running (here on the ranch) with others, in the hope that everyone can accomplish some form of Self-Sustainability / Green Alternative Energy upgrade to their home, business or vehicle.

Because our life style here at Agua-Luna Ranch is 100% Lived Off the Grid, we are familiar with the Day-to-Day aspects of Self Sustainability & how simple it is to actually make the conversion. No one else can offer that.

Our products / methods are completely self-sustainable, dependable and inexpensive ways of harnessing the Earths free energy (Wind, sun, water, earth).

In order to fully take advantage of our services we offer remote AND on-site consultation work and in some cases we are even willing to actually oversee the construction / installation of alternative energy systems (Wind Generators, Solar Systems, Hydrogen Generators, Thermal / Radiant cooling / Heating, etc) and self-sufficient dwellings (earthships, haybale, papercrete, log, cordwood, etc), on projects of interest. Those that we feel could make the broadest impact, are chosen. We also do seminars, online / on-site workshops, internships and have accomplished many sustainable living projects in “low resource” countries.

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  • Solar panels
  • Fotovoltaic panels
  • Eolic energy
  • Low energy consumption conditioning(cold/warm)
  • Low energy consumption hot water
  • Recycled building materials
  • Other (pointage will be evaluated 1-2)
  • Low energy consumption lamps(at least 60%)
  • Employees are encouraged to use our available bikes for commute.
  • We hardly drive since there is no need to drive to work.
  • Separed waste management
  • Share policies with costumers