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Ascend Media, LLC

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  • · 7015 College Blvd., Ste. 600 Overland Park, KS 66211 United States


Ascend Media was formed in 2002 by seasoned media veterans who recognized that companies and event owners today need outside experts to develop and manage content more than ever and that social networking would dramatically increase that need.

The Ascend Media event and custom media business, originally Atwood Convention Publishing, was the founding acquisition for the company and still represents the backbone and core strength of the business today. The company today is owned by Kansas City-based TGP Investments and founding CEO, Cameron Bishop. The management team combined, represents well over 100 years of experience in media; the majority of our experience is focused on helping decision-makers do their jobs better, faster and more strategically with the added benefit of reducing costs and often serving as an additional revenue stream.

The company has the largest in-house staff in the world that is dedicated to creating and producing a vast array of fully-integrated communication solutions ranging from event-related products including print and electronic newspapers, directories, city guides and maps to custom magazines and newsletters along with electronic products that extend all print publications digitally. In addition, farsighted investment in developing electronic media solutions gives clients extensive electronic communications and social media management tools encompassing dedicated web sites, web casts, pod casts, enewsletters, Twitter account management and custom-designed hand held device applications.

Many of these products assist clients in driving attendance to events and meetings, creating a sense of community while providing "live" news at the event and recapping meeting highlights to all attendees and prospective attendees, after the event and throughout the year. Ask about our newest offerings including Event365 custom web sites to leverage current trends in social media as well as Study Guides for the healthcare industry. And, ask how our proven team of media sales professionals can go to work for you selling ads, banners, listings and sponsorships to create new sources of revenue for your company.

Today, more than ever, corporate communications and customer relationship management revolves around a complex set of options and methods. Ascend Media’s sophisticated team of professionals can help you identify the right opportunities, develop strategy and create the print and electronic media tools to achieve your communications objectives. Plus, we have the resources to work with you all year long to manage your ongoing social media and content creation needs—an increasingly skill-specific, labor intensive process that many companies can’t handle with internal staff.

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7015 College Blvd., Ste. 600 Overland Park, KS 66211 United States


Overland Park


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