Carino's Italian Grill
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Carino's Italian Grill

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Member since: 23-10-2009

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  • · 7500 Rialto Blvd., Bldg. 1, Ste. 250 Austin, TX 78735 United States


Food. Fire. Fun! It’s shorthand for our mission to create an exceptional experience for every guest, each time they visit us.
Food is at the heart of this mission. From the Italian classics to our signature dishes, such as Skilletini and Spicy Shrimp, all of our offerings are handcrafted from the finest, freshest ingredients available. Our chefs are devoted to perfection, infusing each recipe with their own unique talent and creativity—not to mention love. That’s the secret ingredient that you can’t quite place but that spices up all of our dishes. We revere the tradition of serving only the best, and when it means coming in early to hand-roll the meatballs, build a 16-layer lasagna one tier at a time, or craft our tiramisu from scratch, we think of it as passion, not work.
We call this passion our Fire. It’s our enthusiasm for everything we do, from creating outstanding food to exceeding the expectations of our guests. We call it giving you M.O.R.E.: a Memorable, Original, Remarkable Experience. Sustaining this passion begins with our staff. They are all valued members of the Carino’s family, and we are dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable, healthy working environment. The vibe is catchy—our staff is happy, and they pass that along to our guests.
Fun! is what happens when you bring all of these elements together. From the open kitchens to the vibrant dining rooms, the festive dishes to the upbeat staff, Carino’s offers an energizing, exuberant space that draws our guests back time and again. We promote the classic Italian approach to dining, where friends and family gather around the table to break bread together. Slowing down, taking time away from our busy lives and just enjoying those people who mean the most.
We believe that everyone deserves this kind of experience, and so we’ve also ensured that value is always on the menu—filling and fulfilling food without the inflated price-tag. Spend an evening discovering what Carino’s has to offer, and we feel confident we’ll become a part of your best traditions. So...Who will you bring

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7500 Rialto Blvd., Bldg. 1, Ste. 250 Austin, TX 78735 United States




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  • Low energy consumption lamps(at least 60%)
  • Low energy consumption hot water
  • Low energy consumption conditioning(cold/warm)
  • Fotovoltaic panels

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