Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd.
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Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd.

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Member since: 09-10-2009

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  • · 183 Electric Rd., Room 3403-6, AIA Tower, North Point Hong Kong


Air Sea Worldwide Logistics Ltd., the very first member and also the flagship of the Air Sea Group, began in 1988 in Hong Kong by offering fast and reliable transportation services. At the time there was a great need for our services and we made customer satisfaction our number one priority. With time, our flexible approach and professionalism helped us grow and develop in line with the growing needs of our customers.
To expand our international outreach, Air Sea Group set up our own offices in mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam, U.K., Spain, Rep of Panama, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. Together with our comprehensive agency network, we cover the world.
806 employees form the human capital of the Group. All of them are well experienced and extremely responsible. Our offices are fully computerized and we possess the equipment and vehicles needed for loadings and transports.
We provide our customers a full range of services, including Sea freight, Airfreight, Sea/Air, Customs Clearance, Transhipment & Reforwarding, Sales Orders Administration, Domestic Distribution and any combination of special services tailored to the specific needs of every customer.

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183 Electric Rd., Room 3403-6, AIA Tower, North Point Hong Kong


North Point


Hong Kong










  • Separed waste management
  • Low energy consumption lamps(at least 60%)
  • Low energy consumption hot water
  • Low energy consumption conditioning(cold/warm)
  • Dirty water depurator