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Animal Care: Pet education
Bubbly Petz

Bubbly Petz

Pet Grooming. Ethical Store. Education. Singapore's first online ethical pet store. We only carry and use products that are cruelty-free, eco-conscious and free of animal ingredients. ...

645 Jalan Tenaga #03-99 Singapore - Singapore - Singapore - 410645
Member since: 28-09-2013
Ethical Pets Online

Ethical Pets Online

We set up Ethical Pets Online because we recognised that today people understand a great deal more of how our actions - the choices we make - can affect our planet. This applies with regard to animal welfare too, from how we treat...

Ethical Pets Online Unit 8 Alfred Street Lancaster - Lancs - United Kingdom - LA1 1QN
Member since: 14-06-2012

McGrumpy and Snuffles

We are a pet treat bakery - we only use ingredients that are organic or local sourced. If we can not find a local source we use fairtrade items and we also avoid air freighted foods and use seasonal grown products for our monthly ...

15 The Pastures Aylesbury Buckinghamshire - Aylesbury - United Kingdom - HP20 1Xl
Member since: 19-03-2013
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